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Blackheath Bank Holiday Funfair is back! And it’s both bigger & COVID-Secure…

• Swings, signage & sanitiser seen at Blackheath Fair

London’s favourite funfair is back, in time for families to make the most of the summer in the  fresh air!

It returnedjust before last weekend  for  a seventeen-day run right through to Sunday 6th September,at Blackheath, alongside the A2 ‘Shooters Hill Road’ in Greenwich and it’s already a hit with families from across the region.

The fair is run by the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain, London & Home Counties Section and is fully COVID-19 Secure

The fair’s new layout looks brilliant and  separation of the attractions  and infrastructure works well.  

all the attractions have their own procedures in place with sanitising stations at each ride, and queuing systems in place.

The one-way system around the fair is also a good measure, and the social-distancing ground-markings are also very clear and will be refreshed during the fair’s stay.

The signage at each entrance is informative for visitors

And the Track and Trace are easy to follow and to link to with a Smartphone using a QR code to a secure online system. There is also  a written version for those who prefer it.

The security team on site are well briefed  to welcome visitors  and  there is a full team  offering guidance and assistance to families throughout the event.

The local Council , who previewed the attractions and arrangements ahead of the fair’s opening, were pleased  to see that the organisers of Blackheath Fair, the London & Home Counties Section of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain, have got a credible amount of Covid-19 measures in place.

There are a  12 major rides with …

the return of the Freak Out swing ride; the thrilling Orbiter ride; the Jumping Frogs ride;

both a Mine Train and an Apple Rollercoaster; as well as favourites the Twister; Waltzer; Superbob and Miami rotating ride.

For high-flyers there is the return of the Cage Round-Up ride and there are two sets of Dodgems.

There are also 20 children’s rides

including the Helicopters ride; the cars and vehicles track ride and the themed Race-O-Rama  ride; Big trucks ride balloon ride and two groups of  bungees; among many more…

On the side there is a great Ghost Train…

also look out for the brand new ‘King Crazy Circus’-themed Funhouse experience;  among all the sideshows and game stalls.

There’s plenty of Food of the Fair on offer;

all prepared and served with Covid-secure measures at the twin food-courts at either end of the fair as you enter. There are some specialist guest catering options including German Sausages, that  usually spend the summer at festivals, which are most welcome.

Getting there couldn’t be easier…and public transport is encouraged:

with local  railway stations at Blackheath (in the village); Maze Hill and the DLR at Lewisham and at Greenwich

There are seven Local bus routes to take you to to Blackheath from all directions include the: 53; 54; 89; 108; 202; 380; 386 (https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/posters/BKH.pdf)

You can bring your bike ( but keep it locked at the entrance to the fair)

and  walking to the fair across Blackheath is pleasant –just remember the Green-Cross Code on the main roads.

For those driving; there is parking in Greenwich Park and limited parking off-peak on local roads(postcode SE3 0QS)

Visitors with accessibility considerations, please get in touch at: https://www.facebook.com/blackheathholidayfunfair

John Flack, the Chairman of the London & Home Counties Section of the Showmen’s Guild was on hand at the launch of the fair and expressed his delight at the fair’s opening saying:

 “ On behalf of all the Showmen who have worked do hard in getting everything ready, I am thrilled that we are able to welcome the public back to the fair and the great outdoors, while summer is still with us.

John continued:

“We have missed being out here just as much as the public so far this season and we hope everyone enjoys the wonderful attractions including some new ones; with all the safety measures we have put in place.”

John concluded:

 “There is plenty of room for social distancing and the brand-new  layout, that looks lovely from the A2 main road makes it easy to walk round, with signs and helpful staff on hand to lead the way. There is plenty of hand sanitiser and track & trace facilities so come and enjoy the fair in complete safety.”

Show details:

Blackheath Bank Holiday Fair is open daily from midday-9pm throughout the 17-day run:

  • from 20th – 6th Sept.

and there are four £1 days…

  • on Thursdays 20th; 27th Aug & 3rd Sept
  • as well as the last day Sun 6th


The fair is

  • fully enclosed for your safety,
  • with our friendly stewarding team
  • and there is a £2 entry for adults & £1 for children
  • with money-of tokens available to visitors on entrance.

In recognition of the  brave and enduring work of the NHS workers:

  • We are especially welcomingwith Free admission and half-price rides all day every day.
  • Details of how to redeem this offer with appropriate ID and all the details of Blackheath Bank Holiday Fair are available at: https://www.facebook.com/blackheathholidayfunfair