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Guild receive response from DCMS over request for VAT CUT


The Showmen’s Guild of GB have received a response from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in response to Guild president John Thurston’s letter highlighting the PLIGHT that excessive taxes and VAT are having on the industry as a whole.

Whilst DCMS have acknowledged the issue as yet they has been no movement in relation to the issue or commitment from them to make VAT CUTS anytime soon, at least they have responded and maybe with a new PM announced today [October 24] in the form of Rishi Sunak the ex-chancellor, things maybe about to move in the right direction.

As reported by Showmen Times on September 25 the ACP [Association of Circus Proprietors] has also made a direct approach to the treasury with regards to a VAT cut in light of the rising costs incured by both fixed and travelling operators. So at least there is some hope for the industry as long as trade bodies continue to keep pressure on the Government.

Showmen Times will keep the industry posted on all developments.


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