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Showmens Guild shares National Moment of Reflation Kit and Guidelines


Dear Colleagues,

We have a request from the Cabinet Office in government, on behalf of the Palace, via the Event Industry Forum, of which the Showmen’s Guild is a collective member.

We are sending official images to you to place on your websites; Social Media platforms and physical locations, as appropriate and at your discretion.

It relates to the National Moment of Reflection on Sunday night at 8PM and to the State Funeral on Monday.

There does not appear to be one specifically for websites (as opposed to Linkedin or Facebook or Twitter) so please use whatever fits / works, from the selection of versions attached, as best you can.

Amongst many other things:

  • There is the request that we replace the headline banner on our websites; Facebook Pages and other Social Media; as well as placing  as posters where appropriate in other locations; with the ‘EIIR‘ one attached (in various forms, please use the nearest appropriate one that fits).
  • Also the message regarding the  Moment of Reflection should be placed (where appropriate) also attached
  • Separately, there is the Message of condolence that we have already been using on the Facebook Group that can  additionally be placed where appropriate – also attached.

At Central Office and, by now, we are sure at the regional Sections, the Showmen’s Guild  have done this as we wish to do the right thing: now it is your opportunity to follow suit, at the request of the Palace via the Cabinet Office

With thanks to our colleagues at EIF.

Please be aware that while everyone, from government, transport companies, local authorities, the emergency and welfare services, hotel & hospitality providers and the public, are all  looking to welcome visitors to the ceremonial events – which we ourselves endorse – the journey, by any method and access to facilities, is likely to be challenging.

Do plan ahead:

  • National Rail advice on travelling to London during the National Mourning Period:


  • Transport for London: 


  • Travel Advice for the Mourning Period:


  • Guidance: Attending ceremonial events for the Lying-in-State and the State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen:


  • Guidance: Her Majesty The Queen’s Lying-in-State at the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament):


Please feel free to forward this email to colleagues who would also like to make use of these details  

Best wishes at this unusual time for us all.

Central Office.



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