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Good news on finances for Showmen from the Scottish Parliament


Following the discussions and negotiations between the Scottish Section of the Showmen’s Guild and the Scottish Parliament, £1.5 million of funding was announced this afternoon by Kate Forbes MSP in the Ministerial Statement – Budget Update.

Congratulations are due to Scottish Section Chairman Alex James Colquhoun for tirelessly steering this measure through, leading the Section Committee and support from the President and the team.

Watch the video from 5 minutes in for the specific announcement where Kate Forbes MSP reads (with Show People at the top of the list):

” Businesses need and want more support… (beyond nationally agreed grants) … we have listened to business… Targeting support on a sector by sector basis ensures that we tailor support, so it is as effective as possible:…

“The finer details of each of these schemes will be provided soon, including how to apply in January, but today I want to highlight a few of the businesses that we will support. I’m pleased to say that we will give £1.5 million to Scottish Show People, ineligible for other support and I want to pay tribute to Richard Lyle (MSP) in particular for his advocacy and representation of that…”

Once again congratulations to all those who helped to make this happen and those who supported the bid for funding.

This will be a welcome relief for many Showmen who have not been able to operate at all in Scotland this year.

The details on eligibility and how to apply will follow soon…

The Showmen’s Guild is actively working to replicate this success across the rest of Britain, chiefly among which is the Westminster government, where the discussions continue.

Best wishes from the Showmen’s Guild Central Office Team.

The Announcement: Facebook Link



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