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ADIPS Safety Health Awareness Day (SHAD) March 13


The venues:

Morning: The Farmers Yaxley, 200 Broadway, Yaxley PE7 3NT.

Afternoon: Peterborough Fair, Pleasure Fair Meadow car park, PE2 9PB

The Amusement Devices Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) in conjunction with the Amusement Devices Safety Council (ADSC) is holding a FREE safety training day on Wednesday 13th March in Yaxley (near Peterborough). Numbers are limited so, please book your place as early as possible.

This day is the industry giving back help, guidance and training to its operators to promote safety.

This will be the sixth day ADIPS has held, and it will follow a similar format to the others. This involves rotating seminars with delegates spending around 30 minutes at each point then moving to the next area.


9.00 Attendee registration.

9.30 Introduction from the ADIPS GM. Then each group of 30 goes to one of the 4 seminar rooms.

9.45 – 10.15       Seminar 1 (30 minutes)

10.30 – 11.00     Seminar 2 (30 minutes)

11.15 – 11.45     Seminar 3 (30 minutes)

12.00                   Seminar 4 (30 minutes)

12.30 – 1.15       Lunch

1.15 – 1.45         Open combined session in the lunch area with segments on:

Inflatables, Controllers Pack, ADIPS (including Controller ID), plus one to be finalised.                 

These four will be expanded upon if bad weather prevents the fair portion in the afternoon.

1.45                     Depart to the fair (4 ½ miles away). Free parking in the Railworld car park, PE2 9NR

2.30 – 4.00         Assemble at the fair at the Dodgems for 2 physical onsite sessions. Then finish.


The four morning seminars are:

  1. Passenger Related Incidents – Presented by Scott Ingram. (ADIPS Auditor).

These account for 85% of incidents. Aspects of how to deal with the public and what to look out for will be briefed upon.

  1. BS 14200:2023 – Maintenance of machinery – An Introduction by HSE

The Standard provides guidance to those responsible for the ongoing maintenance requirements of machinery (including amusement devices), so that it remains safe, reliable and in good repair.

The HSE session will set out the overarching principles of the Standard and how it applies to the Fairground Industry.

  1. Electrics – Presented by Charlie Bowers (ADIPS Inspection Body).

Introduction to electrical safety. Where does it start. RCD and RCBO the difference. Why we use 2-pole instead of household single pole. Why e-loop is important with examples of current flow for different e-loops. Good practises and check sheets. Importance of bonding stainless counters. Common issues and FFI.

  1. NDT – Shaun Smalley. (ADIPS Auditor)

The presentation will cover NDT best practices, including preparation and technique implementation. It will also cover NDT performance requirements and areas for improvement based on audit experiences to date.

The two afternoon onsite fair sessions are:

  1. Kiosks & pay booths. To include: Generators, earthing, RCD’s, incorrectly terminated cables.
  2. Commonly found onsite fault issues. To include: Operational procedures, Fencing (including envelope), restraints, missing bulbs, control system enclosures, packing.

A wet weather alternative will be available for the onsite seminar.

Attendance Certificate.

Attendees will receive an ADIPS branded certificate to put in their staff training records for CPD. Plus notes and follow up information will be given.

Book your place now.

Spaces are limited. Book your place now:



This day is being managed by the ADSC and ADIPS. The ADSC is a collection of the operating associations of the Showman’s Guild of Great Britain, the Amusement Catering Equipment Society (ACES), the Society of Independent Roundabout Proprietors (SIRP), and the Association of Independent Showmen (AIS).


Accommodation nearby.

Five possible accommodation places (prices from Booking.com):

1 The Bell Inn, Stilton, Cambridgeshire (approx. 5 miles away) £95.00

2 The Milestone Peterborough Hotel (Approx 2 ½ miles away) £77.00

3 Hampton Vale Lakeside (approx. 3 ½ miles away) £143.00

4 Days Inn Peterborough (approx. 6 miles away) £108.00

5 Premier Inn Peterborough (Hampton) hotel (approx. 3 ½ miles away) £105.00

Nearest railway station to the Farmers.

Peterborough PE1 1QL (5 miles)

Whittlesea PE7 1UD (6.5 miles)

Huntingdon PE29 3BP (12 miles)

Stamford (Lincs) PE9 2JP (14 miles)

March PE15 8SJ (14 miles)

Contact details.

General details before the day. Phil Pike. 07973 562777. phil.pike@hotmail.com

ADIPS. 0191 516 6381. office@adips.co.uk


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